Thanks, Rik Mayall, For Everything.


I’m so sad to hear that comedian Rik Mayall has passed away. When I first read it, I wanted to believe it was some kind of horrible joke. I, as well as countless others enjoyed his work (my favourite was always Bottom), but I can’t imagine how terrible this must be for his family. it’s especially tragic considering his near death experience in the late ’90s, and how happy he seemed just to have escaped with his life. And 56 is far too young for anyone to die.

In high school I wore a jacket covered in social activism buttons and badges, just like Rick from the Young Ones. I irritated everyone in my house by acting like Richie from Bottom. I even enjoyed Drop Dead Fred, and that was a hideous film. I was a deeply depressed and anxious kid, but brilliant people like Mr. Mayall helped me remember that life is hilarious. No matter how crappy your life is getting, just step back and laugh at the gruesome, ridiculous episode as just that; an episode. Thanks for getting me through the bad times, Rik.

Here’s one of my favourite Bottom moments, from the Christmas episode. Watching it today made me rather emotional, but it’s still funny, even after watching it at least a hundred times.