Welcome to the “About” page. This is where I tell you what the blog is about, but I don’t quite know yet. It’s probably mostly going to be film reviews. There might be some book reviews, if I read a book. I should really read more, given that I major in English, but in high school I spent all my free time in the library and I did a shit ton of reading, so it is no longer a favourite pastime.

Did you notice I spelled “favourite” with a “u”? That’s because I’m Canadian. See, you’re actually getting some “about” on the “About” page. And in case you’re wondering, I do kind of say it like “aboot.”

This is getting rambly. The basics are:

  • female
  • age 20
  • Canadian
  • contact me at spaghettiweevil@gmail.com
  • no social life, so don’t expect posts about my awesome clubbing experience, or whatever kids do.

Okay, so that was the “About” page. Did I do that right? Whatever. I’ll fix this later.


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